Address Applications to: The Secretary, East Gippsland Sports Foundation, P.O. Box 1253 Bairnsdale, Vic 3875 -

Application Criteria

Application Criteria


  • An Applicant can be a male or female who can demonstrate a direct association with East Gippsland.
  • East Gippsland is the regional area of the Shire of East Gippsland.
  • Direct association is by residence of the Applicant, whether current or before the Application, on a permanent basis subject to work or educational absence.
  • An Applicant is to be under the age of 18 years, except in the sole discretion of the Foundation when an Application may be accepted where there are special circumstances to support an Applicant over that age.

Sporting Criteria

The sport must be recognised as an international or nationally accredited sport including those associated with and recognised by Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games or Paralympic Games competition.

Receipt of Applications (see 'Application Form' download below)

  • The Applicant can submit an Application personally or through a sporting body with which he/she is associated.
  • An Application must be accompanied by references from:
    • a qualified sporting coach; and
    • an executive member of the sporting organisation to which the Applicant belongs (if any); and
    • three personal character references.
  • The Applicant must complete the Application form and submit it to the Secretary, East Gippsland Sports Foundation.
  • An Applicant, should they be considered by the Board to be interviewed, two members of the Foundation, one of whom will be Chairman, and an independent person appointed by the Foundation, who may have a particular knowledge of the Applicant's sport, (the Review Panel) will meet with the Applicant at an appointed time who must be accompanied by parent or guardian or character referee and sporting coach.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Secretary
East Gippsland Sports Foundation
P.O. Box 1253
Bairnsdale, Vic 3875

Funding Criteria

  • Primary consideration for funding will be on a needs basis.
  • Support funding will be for a specified period.
  • Any extension of this period must be by further application.
  • Funding may include accommodation, sports equipment, sports apparel, other costs as determined by the Review Panel.

Withdrawal of Funding

  • A Review Panel may stop further funding if the Applicant ceases to participate in the sport in relation to which the Application was granted.


  • Following an assessment the Review Panel will make a recommendation to the next meeting of the Board.
  • The Board will advise the applicant by letter whether the Application has been successful.

Applicant's Obligations

  • The Applicant will be required to sign a pledge that offers, in return for funding, a commitment to assist in furthering the Applicant's sport in East Gippsland before any funding is made.
    To be of good behaviour.


Download the form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EGSF Application Form_Feb 08.pdf
EGSF Further Funding Form_Feb 08.pdf